Wednesday 30 May 2018

HiPi Modules 0.71 Released

The latest release of HiPi includes support for some common small form factor E-Paper displays.

Several displays from Waveshare are supported along with the Inky pHAT from Pimoroni.

Given the slow refresh time of many of these displays and the long recommended intervals between refreshes, potential application is  is limited. However, they look great if their limitations are not a  problem in your use case.

Module HiPi::Interface::EPaper wraps the support.

Also included in this release are HiPi::Interface::TMP102 which wraps access to the TMP102 I2C temperature sensor breakout and HiPi::Interface::MS5611 which provides a wrapper for the I2C interface to the MS5611 barometric pressure and temperature sensor.

Tuesday 8 May 2018

HiPi Modules 0.70 Released

The latest release of HiPi includes support for common single colour OLEDs.

The module HiPi::Interface::MonoOLED supports SSD1306 and SH1106 based OLED breakouts using both I2C and SPI interfaces.

Several graphics methods are supported.

The built in fonts only contain printable ascii characters or the Latin-1 supplement for a set of extended fonts. However, tools are provided that allow you to create your own bitmap fonts containing the character set of your choice.

The font creation process is described in Creating Fonts for MonoOLED

This release also includes HiPi::Interface::PCA9544 to control the PCA 9544A I2C channel multiplexer. Useful if you want to use several I2C devices with the same address.